m'egg'xican pizza

again, i'm quite slack and i realize that i've been talking about this creation of mine from chicago... well, here it is. i call it the m'egg'exican pizza. i was visiting my sister in chicago and trying to be a good guest and make her breakfast. i poured a bit too much egg mixture into a 7" pan and what happened next is sheer brilliance. i think i'm gonna find a way to patent this and sell it to taco bell, ha ha.

enjoy... this one really is worth a try. if you add/change anything, i'd be curious how you m'egg'xified this dish.

3 eggs or egg-substitute
refried beans
black pepper
chili powder
1/2 white onion, chopped
green pepper
1/2 ham steak, cubed
shredded cheddar cheese
light sour cream
green onions

- crack eggs or pour equal portion egg substitute in bowl
- add black pepper, chili powder, green pepper, white onion and ham steak; mix
- grease 7" pan, add mixture and cook on medium-high heat
- in separate pot, add beans, 2 spoons of sour cream and handful of cheese; mix until warm
- when egg mixture turns light brown underneath, flip over and cook
- cover tostada with layer of beans and egg "pancake"; if pancake is too large for tostada, cut off the edges
- add layer of guacamole on top of egg
- put cheddar cheese on top of second tostada and heat in microwave for 15-20 seconds (or till you want), then put on top of guacamole
- add tomatoes and green onions

you can eat this with a fork, slice into pieces or eat the whole slab. whatever you wish.

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