the time has come...

with the onset of 2009, i've decided to take my love of food and cooking to the web.

i said i was going to prepare a new dish each week and attempt to stretch my cooking boundaries (spice rack and kitchen utensils as well). after a few weeks and some very gracious praise of a few lucky (or unlucky) souls, i'm bringing my attempt at culinary creativity to you all.

in the coming weeks, i will post recipes that i've tried my hand at, as well as the ingredients used. one thing to note is that there will be limited details in the quantities that i use, especially in terms of spices. cooking should be fun and about experimentation and everyone has their own specific likes/dislikes and preferences. the goal here is that i hope to inspire people to be creative and cook and hopefully, be inspired by others.

that said... buono appetito!

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